pedigree name: Ben
breed: Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
sex: male
birth: 13.5.2011
colour: wheaten
breeder: Peter Sinkovec
BIRTHPLACE: Moravce, Slovenia
HEIGHT: 50 cm
WEIGHT: 16,5 kg
TITLES: J. Ch. Slo
I have always liked wheatens, but I never thought I will actually own one. But when Zoro died, I had to make a quick decision, which turned out to be better than we first expected. It was too soon for us to have another airedale, so I picked a wheaten and I will never regret this. They are just perfect.

  We went to check out Ben's litter, and the litter was great, so I've picked Ben. He was just what I was looking for: a very energetic little monster, who immediately stole my heart, crazy and stubborn, exactly as a terrier should be.
And he still is exactly the same crazy dog: very energetic and stubborn. He showed me that he can be dominant too, but I had experiences with dominance from before, so I was prepared for this and can now easily handle it. He is also very intelligent, a brilliant thinker and a very quick learner. He is also very curious just about everything he sees, he wants to explore it and is not shy or scared at all. He is very open hearted, he loves people, other animals and has a truly sweet character. But, as a true terrier, he is also my little devil: naughty and clownish.
So Ben is a perfect dog for me, exactly what I've ever wanted. And he just loves to be with me and it's really nice to work with him, because he is always prepared for activities. I hope he'll stay this way and we will be able to do lots of dog sports and other things together in the future.




© 2012 Anja Krebl