Long time ago, when I was still a little girl, we've decided to have a dog. We got our first airedale, names Macho. Since then I simply adore dogs. Sadly, we didn't have luck with Macho, after a year and a half his illness has progressed so much that we had to say goodbye to him. He was amazing dog for us, so we decided to get another airedale, and this is when we got Zoro. Due to his energy I've become interested in dog sports like agility, frisbee, canicross and bikejoring. I've also started to dream about me as a breeder. But after many wonderful years that we spent together, there also came time for our Zoro to go over the rainbow bridge. I wanted to have another dog as quickly as I can, and this is when I've become an owner of Ben, our first wheaten. He is another amazing dog for us, and I also have great ambitions to try out as many dog sports as possible with him. And there will also come a time for another airedale - this time a female.
© 2012 Anja Krebl