I picked Ben because I saw that he'll enjoy in sports because of his energetic character. He just loves to run and jump.
We began with agility classes in March 2012. And beside agility I have plans for frisbee, canicross, rollerjoring and bikejoring too and maybe we'll find another interesting sport which we'll try.

     * 4fun Barje, 18.8.2012 
  Ben and I intended to go to the competition just as a support team for Jana and Brie, but when we got there, we saw that Ben might also have enough motivation for agility despite the hot weather. So we entered him in puppy class with Primoz and open class with me. He didn't have speed but he did almost everything exactly as he should. Primoz ran agility for the first time and Ben was really great with him, some problems with height of jumps (they were lower) but at the end they came fourth altogether. In open class with me we had a problem at agility run with one tunnel which was too interesting for him, so we were disqualified. Jana and Brie did a great job too, but sadly they've made a mistake in agility run too and were also disqualified. The most important thing is that we all had lots of fun!
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photo: Bostjan Kozamurnik                                                                                  photo: Bostjan Kozamurnik
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