pedigree name:
breed: Airedale Terrier
sex: male (neutered)
birth: 20.6.2000
colour: black and tan
breeder: Vojko Zlindra
BIRTHPLACE: Kamnik, Slovenia
HEIGHT: 67 cm
WEIGHT: 30 kg
When our first airedale Macho died, we just couldn't imagine a life without a dog anymore, especially without an airedale. When Macho came into our lives we've realized that airedales are even more amazing dogs than we thought. They will always be our breed nr. 1.
  We've found an ad with Zoro. We couldn't resist to go check him out and his previous owners chosen us and so Zoro came to live with us at his age of 13,5 months. First weeks were hard for him because was really attached to his previous family and home, but eventually he started enjoying his life with us.
At first he was afraid of many things, because when he was young, the snow from the roof has fallen on him and since then he had difficulties with sudden happenings or unknown things. But eventually his fears have disappeared and he started to really trust us.
He was a very dominant dog, but he has never gone into a fight with other dog. The bad thing was that he had the lack of contact with other dogs and because of that he was always too excited when he saw a new dog or a dog that he didn't see for a long time. But for me it was always great to watch him when he dominated other dogs only with his eyes and body language, and then he went away, but if he saw that the other dog could be a great company then he started playing with him.
He had lots of energy and was also very intelligent, he learned everything so quickly. Because he was stubborn you had to have a good motivation for him and this was food and toys. When he was older he didn't need any motivation anymore, he was doing all just because of me.
He loved to work with me and because of that we've tried some dog sports at home, and he liked just about every sport that we've tried, because he really enjoyed doing things with me. It's such a shame that we couldn't train agility or other fun dog sports because the club with agility classes was too far away from us.
His life mission was to make us laugh all the time. He was making funny stuff and acted as a clown all the time. You couldn't stay serious near him. And when you were sad or angry he always came to calm you and cheer you up.
When we've got him we already knew that he had congenital fault on his heart, but it wasn't serious and nobody could saw that there is anything wrong with him, and because of his physical condition the vets didn't suggest us to treat him and we didn't know that we could. At his age of 10 years his problems with kidneys have started. At first he had just an inflammation, but 6 months later they have began to failure and this was too much for his heart. His heart has increased in size and because of that his lungs have collapsed. So we had to make the hardest decision, and we've made it for his good, and that was to let him to go to the other side at the age of almost 11.
He was my best friend, my teacher and the best dog that I could have had. We'll never forget him and he will continue his life in our hearts.





© 2012 Anja Krebl